To provide spiritual strength to alleviate the feeling of isolation and loneliness by means of  providing social interaction in their weekly lunch  serving
physical and spiritual food.


  We value their  belief  and respect their human dignity  and help restore hope in the last portion of their life.


  Is a charitable organizatión founded by Joe and Antonette Lim in February 1989 . Each wednesday for the past 23 years something very unique and enpowering takes place in the charming hill town of San Miguel de Allende at the sunny courtyard behind the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel. Long tables covered with red and white checkered tablecloths are set up under laurel trees.

The tables are numbered according to age 65-95; the elders will be served fírst. Before the food is served, their thin old voices are lifted in a song of gratitude. Prayers precede a meal ofwarm tea or freshjuice laddled from white plástic buckets, bowl of chicken broth thick with vegetables and soy meat and a plate filled with warm tortillas, refried beans, rice, a littie piece of chicken, bread scattering of raw onions and tomatoes and a dallop of mexican mole sauce. Most of the old folks have travelled miles on foot from outside of town on canes and wooden walking sticks and arrived parched and hungry, this is the highlight of their week. As they entered , bent over with their walking sticks, clutching shawls crossing themselves they thanked all the volunteers with smiles.





The Spa

Casa del Misionero

San Miguel de Allende


Treat Grandma or Grandpa for a Lunch every Wednesday

Every wednesday lunch is an important community-building éffort that brings together more close ties to circle of friends in their age group sharing together the difficult and sometimes overwhelming emotions to each other.that help alleviate the feeling of isolation and loneliness. SOME provide family adult educatíon programs, health educatión , personal hygiene and spiritual counselling..SOME is working to continously educate the elderly to be leaders and give back to their communities by counselling young people advising them to focus on their education to break the cycle of poverty. They teach the youth to say NO to street fighting, vandalism, domestic violence, alcoholism and drug abuse and to bring back the family values by storytelling related to their life experience where they can restore their sense of pride and respect to establish themselves as contributing members ofthe society. SOME has already served more than 200,000 Ítems of food .

Every year has distributed thousands of aprons, blankets, shoes and socks, sweaters, blankets, shawls and personal hygiene supplies, and each week the people receive one liter of milk and a can of refried beans. SOME's events are: monthly birthday communal celebration, Mothers day, Fathers Day, Golden wedding, and the family party every three months for at least 450 people. The purpose is to have a close dialogue with familias to allow the elderly to age right in their own homes and to prevent homeless elderlies from sleeping in the street. We invite you to help us with this labor of love as we continue Christ example of feeding the soul, spirit and physical bodies.




Ph. (415) 152-8666, 154-8344, 154-5467

Fax. 152-8503